The residents of Kelsey have roots grounded in a history of agriculture and self-sufficiency with a median age of 32 years and annual per capita income of $17,725 (City of Kelsey, Profile, 2011). Additionally, the residents of Kelsey perform various types of work, such as technology consulting services to businesses, delivery of materials and equipment, agricultural, and construction work. The City of Kelsey is continuously on the move. The community has several events throughout the year such as an Annual balloon festival, monthly farmer’s market, annual St. Patrick’s Day parade, craft fair, Memorial Day coed softball tournament, golf tournament, and annual 10k marathon. They also have recreational center where family can take their children for a more fun experience. The city also has a prison, which is one of the finest law enforcement establishments in the country. Citizens give back to the community by working at the prison and conserving strong ethical standards. They understand the importance of quality services for the prisoners to rehabilitate so crime rates can reduce. Kelsey City was founded by M. Kelsey with a vision “…to preserve the natural resources of the land and maintain a close-knit community” (City of Kelsey, History, 2011). Most citizens maintain the close-knit attitude and consider it their responsibility for social success.

Above a giant arch at the city’s entrance on now-Old Dixie Highway, a welcome sign read, “Gateway to the World’s Winter Playground.” In 1921, a post office was established; Kelsey had invested a million dollars in improvements when the first lots were offered at auction in what is now Kelsey Park. He added a golf course on U.S. 1 and a town hall on Dixie Way (now Park Avenue), which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. By 1922, property sales ranged from $250,000 to $500,000 per day, and in 1923 the Town of Kelsey City was incorporated. White children of residents attended the Prosperity school until 1923, when Kelsey City Elementary School opened, now Lake Park Elementary; thereafter the Prosperity children were bused to Kelsey City.